Multi Vendor Marketplace Software Development

The Future of Ecommerce

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplaces are paving the way for the future of digital shopping.  Multi Vendor Ecommerce Development platforms are reshaping the way businesses connect with customers and entrepreneurs to showcase their products in a dynamic and collaborative way. Our custom tailed  Multi Vendor Ecommerce platforms allow multiple sellers to sell their products or services on a single website, giving consumers a wider selection of goods and services to choose from.

Digicrew Can Power Up ANY Marketplace You Can Think Of To Start

As a prominent multi vendor eCommerce marketplace software development company, We specialize in developing multi vendor eCommerce marketplace software. Our team of experts creates robust and fully functional platforms that allow for the addition of multiple sellers and efficient tracking of their eCommerce sales. With our expertise in eCommerce development, we ensure that the user interface and user experience are highly intuitive and align with your business objectives. Our software comes equipped with a rich feature set to enhance the overall marketplace experience.Digicrews has the capability to develop and enhance any type of multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace that you have in mind.


Fashion, Beauty, Healthcare

Automotive, Parts, Bikes, Boats

Custom Garments, Promo Products

Furniture, Homewares, Decor

Airports, Shopping Centers

Gifts, Toys, Hobbies Gifts, Toys, Hobbies


Fitness, Allied health, Physiotherapy

Professional services, Legal

Hair & Beauty, Spa, Yoga

Home services, Maintenance

Finance products, Research services

Industrial or Equipment services


Wholesale ordering

Franchise businesses

Services or Product procurement

Broker based fulfillment

Corporate ordering

Reseller Marketplaces

Key Benefits Of Creating a Profitable Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

Increased Traffic and Sales:

 Multi vendor marketplaces can attract a large number of visitors, which can lead to increased sales for all sellers.

Reduced costs:

Marketplaces can help sellers to reduce their costs by providing them with shared infrastructure and esources

Improved Customer Service:

Marketplaces can offer a more streamlined customer service experience by providing a single point of contact for all customer inquiries.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Marketplaces can help sellers to increase their brand awareness by giving them exposure to a wider audience.

Proven Capability

Marketplaces can help sellers to increase their brand awareness by giving them exposure to a wider audience.

Ready In 6 Weeks

Using our rapid deployment methodology and our out-of-the-box themes, we can get your product or service marketplace up and running within 6 weeks*.

Performance Without the Hassle

We take care of the platform and infrastructure so you can focus on creating the best marketplace there is.

Guaranteed Availability

Powerful infrastructure, lightning fast processors, Content Delivery Networks and Caches across multiple servers gives you 99% guaranteed up•time for your marketplace.

Change Anything

Unprecedented flexibility and customisation to create your marketplace the way you want it.

Suits Every Budget

Omnyfy’s marketplace can scale with you, whether you’re starting out or running a large scale marketplace. Choose modules, functionality and infrastructure to suit your needs and budget.

Top Rich Features Of Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Platforms for Creating a Marketplace

Our comprehensive eCommerce marketplace development solution is specifically designed to create a customized and innovative online platform that caters to various business needs and ensures profitable growth.

Marketplace Owner Features

Features to create and manage your marketplace easily with the power to extend, configure and customise everything.

Vendor Features

Powerful features that enable marketplace vendors and sellers to take control of their stores, customers and orders and bookings.

B2C Product Marketplace:

Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace development refers to the creation and implementation of online platforms that allow multiple vendors to sell their products or services. These marketplaces can be designed to cater to either individual customers (B2C), businesses (B2B), or both, utilizing the multi-marketplace capabilities offered by digicrews.

Seller Microsite

Seller/Vendor website and profile like Amazon or Etsy

Seller Commissions

Commission management for marketplace

Contact Seller

Chat and messaging system support

Product Catalogue

Vendor catalogue to manage the stock and inventory with complete CRUD operations

Shipping and Taxes

Vendor can manage their shipping and taxes

Responsive Design

Works in any devices from mobile to desktop

Rating and Reviews

Vendor and product ratings to allow customer to choose from best sellers a must have for any B2C marketplace

Advanced Reports

Per vendor reports for top selling products, vendors and brands


Custom Add-ons for complete scalabli

B2B Service Marketplace:

The development of multi-vendor marketplaces for B2B services is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. Whether you need a platform for quote requests, enquiries, downloads, or fixed price service ordering, we have all the tools necessary to bring your service marketplace vision to life.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

B2B sales rep and customer can negotiate over RFO

Bulk Purchase

Bulk purchase instead of adding products one by one

Order Approval

B2B order validation and confirmation

Quotation Form Builder

Vendors can create the quote form to capture the payment

Price List

Different price rules for customers, groups, vendors

Customer Approval

B2B customer approval based on their KYC and various identity proof

Purchase Order

Owner can raise purchase order to supplier or distributor

Shopping List

Create unlimited shopping list and create quotation and order

Vendor Verification