Interaction between tourism companies and visitors has increased with the help of our prominent case study and experience that we acquired from the enhancement of each client.

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Digital Marketing Challenges Faced ByTravel & Tourism Industry

Unorganized Website Structure with Online Reservation Issue

The website should elaborate on the services and achievements but the website was annoying the visitors with a wrong interface or the interface that totally misdirected them. Online reservation is a cool feature until it justifies its presence. Their website took no action on the reservation page but refreshed itself.

Excessive Reliance On OTAs

At the beginning stages, clients found OTA a useful gateway to sign the deals but later on, they had started to experience inauthenticity at the reliance on OTA. Reliance on various and excessive OTAs put their profit low as they were forced to pay high commissions for all the intermediates which are definitely not a prudent idea.

Brand Awareness

Stereotypes state, investing in the promotion of travels, and tourism is unnecessary and tough to find reasonable ROI. Our clients were priory followed or stuck on this say. Lack of brand awareness resulted in skipping their firm on every OTAs. This put their entries to nil and attaining breakeven itself became more complicated.

Managing Online Reputation

Nowadays, Customers became smart enough to inspect the online reputation then and there. None on the customer has claimed our client’s service since they have had improper online handles. Their services were idle on the internet and every customer ought to find their competitor despite the superiority in service.

Maximizing communication with the Customer Base

Since less or no interaction has been developed with the customer, our clients have found no conversion. Even the customers who had submitted inquiries got no response, though the backend terms of the website were not user friendly.


The Strategy & Solutions Offered by Digicrew

Website Repositioning With Hassle-Free Reservation Management System

Once companies get associated with the team DigiCrew, they have addressed the complete issue from the customer perspective and resolved it immediately. The customers have started to utilize the hassle-free reservation system and clients are happy about the backend managements.

Website Optimization for Local Search

DigiCrew team experts will optimize the website for location specific keywords to attain and capture local search territory to connect with searchers in nearby area. The local audiences are more likely to be converted than any other range of audiences, at least at the initial stage of promotions. It is also helping our clients to build brand awareness and the credibility of choosing or recommending them whenever people find the need.

SEO Impacts Users’ Decisions

DigiCrew has set their client’s website at the top of the search engine by implanting on-page & off-page optimization and maintained the top ranking positions till date. Attaining top positions at search engines helps our clients to get a lot more clicks and high quality conversions.

FAQ Module to target voice-based search

Voice search has been developed like any time since DigiCrew has come out with speaking friendly questions to answer all FAQ modules. Aiming this section of the audience will be paying off even in the near future.

Increased Number of Mobile Users

Since DigiCrew has minimized the mobile load time and the proper optimization of SEO for the website pulling most of the mobile user to stay at our client’s website.

Brand Marketing To Increase Conversions

Digicrew’s Campaigns has set great brand awareness and it has reached most of the audience who prefer travelling. Reaching out to such audiences would help us to increase the conversions.

Traditional Communication Through Content Marketing

Digicrew’s Content developers will make creative post with the traditional ideas and regional language helps increasing followers and shares on social media which are considered as the best mode of promotion.

Branding Post Relevancy Through Social Media

DigiCrew maintains the client’s social media accounts and creates a regular post relevancy and engagement which is considered the best mode of promotion for branding.

Creating & Publishing Multilingual Paid Ads

DigiCrew is functioning as the best digital marketing agency when it comes to handling, creating & publishing Multilingual Paid Ads in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn platforms.

Creating engaging video content

Digicrew’s fresh and energized video content will increase the audience curiosity which will be attaining the possible conversion later on. DigiCrew has opened the gateway for all possibilities.

Generating High-Quality Leads

Digicrew’s experts will define the campaign specific finest range of audiences that is now helping our clients to find the appropriate visitors which results in generating high-quality leads.

Our Travel & Tourism Clients

The Goal: Tangible Results Achieved By Digicrew

210K impression acquired through organic search traffic with the Click Through Rate of 8.6%.

92.3% Decreased in website bounce rate with the implementation of improved website new design & hassle free ecommerce checkout payment gateway system.

120% Increases in unique visitors & 70000+ Page views has been increased within over the period of 3 months.

5M+ impression & 3M+ Reach level has been generated for post engagement campaigns on Facebook, Instagram social media platforms.

500+ Genuine leads have been generated for business distributor campaign through Facebook & Instagram platform with Average Cost Per Lead of $0.58.

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