Interaction between our FMCG Industry Clients and their consumers has increased with the help of our prominent case study and experience that we acquired from the enhancement of each client.

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Digital Marketing Challenges Faced ByFMCG Industry

Identifying the Marketing Mix

The proper coherence of a product has been nagged and the area of promotion was passed on by a very different method. No research has been done to execute a consumer-oriented promotion. The ROI didn’t make the vendor happy but put their hopes down. Social media handles had a bad marketing strategy with irrelevant post engagements.

Evolving Brands in the Digital Channel

Beholding the quality of their product, they were not holding a prominent online base to do a trade or to get the measures of their products. The absence in the digital channels made their competitors attract more audience. Sometimes even their conventional consumers are getting used to the brands which are well-versed online.

Driving Product Sales from Online & Offline

Being the backbone for many hospitals, DigiCrew has analysed the requirements of the patients and introduced an easy operational method for scheduling an appointment online. This process has increased the patient’s volume since there is no necessity to wait for a while to consult the doctor.

Forming Relationships with Consumers

There was no interaction between customers and the production team. The process is not open to receiving feedback from the other end. Since there was no feedback, productivity was flat and so was the sales. The poor conventional rate affected the profit of the company.

The Strategy & Solutions Offered by Digicrew

Website Repositioning With Hassle-Free Reservation Management System

DigiCrew has resolved major issues on the website and optimized the eCommerce system with an efficient payment gateway. This process has helped the companies to trade online.

Optimizing Product Specific Landing Pages

With a fair knowledge of the product and its sales, professionals at DigiCrew have developed and optimized product and keyword specific landing pages. This helped them find malleable customers.

Implementing Product Structured Snippet Data to Improve Website Search Presence

DigiCrew has developed rich snippets of Google search results. Highlights of your product, ratings and reviews help customers look after your website. This process finds a more conventional audience for our clients.

FAQ Module to target voice-based search

Professionals of DigiCrew have researched and developed FAQ modules that are easy to access for voice-based searches. Grabbing these audiences will be helpful in the long term run.

Increased Number of Mobile Users

Since DigiCrew has minimized the mobile load time and the proper optimization of SEO for the website pulling most of the mobile users to stay at our client’s website.

Creating Powerful Video Content & Brand Credibility through Influencer Marketing

Digicrew’s video production team has created a Powerful Video Content to help the visitors understand the basic concepts. Having a video for a company or a product helps to increase the brand value.

Brand marketing On Social Media with Post Relevancy to the Consumers

Professionals at DigiCrew have helped FMCG Industry Clients have active social media handles with effective creative. This process helps our clients to have regular interaction with their consumers.

Publishing Multilingual Ads in Social Media To Increase Conversions

DigiCrew is functioning as the best digital marketing agency when it comes to handling, creating & publishing Multilingual Ads on social media handles that Increase Conversions.

Generating High-Quality Leads through Organic SEO

DigiCrew’s experts help websites to be listed on the 1st page of Google’s Search Engine. This helps most of the audience to find us. Through this process, High-Quality Leads would generate on each landing page.

Our FMCG Industry Clients

The Goal: Tangible Results Achieved By Digicrew

210K impression acquired through organic search traffic with the Click Through Rate of 8.6%.

92.3% Decreased in website bounce rate with the implementation of improved website new design & hassle free ecommerce checkout payment gateway system.

120% Increases in unique visitors & 70000+ Page views has been increased within over the period of 3 months.

5M+ impression & 3M+ Reach level has been generated for post engagement campaigns on Facebook, Instagram social media platforms.

500+ Genuine leads have been generated for business distributor campaign through Facebook & Instagram platform with Average Cost Per Lead of $0.58.

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