Lead increases in the laboratory and industrial equipment manufacturer, Water heater manufacturer, Packaging machinery manufacturer, lifting machines Rental services and ERP software provider for the apparel industry.


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Digital Marketing Challenges Faced By B2B Industry

Unstructured Website Search Presence

An unstructured website can result in reduced website traffic due to poor user engagement and tamper all your efforts to get listed on the first page of a search engine.

Creating Online Brand Awareness

Creating a brand name that has the power to influence a customer’s purchase behavior is no easy task with the ever increasing market competition and this where a lot of B2B companies struggle to make their own mark.

Difficulty in reaching niche based Target Audience

Defining the market persona of an entire business is a complex process. Besides finding the right business verticals to target your company’s core offerings can often appear like a daunting task for a B2B business owner

Generating quality leads with a good conversion rate

Several B2B companies find it difficult to isolate quality leads from the cluster of online enquiries generated and to further convert them into customers as it involves a highly integrated process based on the availability of both time and resources equipped with skill based nuances.

The Strategy & Solutions Offered by Digicrew

Improving Website’s UI/UX & Page Speed improvisation

We improve your website’s UI/UX to create meaningful search experiences for your customers, optimize the site loading time and introduce easy user navigation features to reduce bounce rate.

Search Engine Optimization for Increasing Organic Traffic

We increase your website’s organic traffic by focusing on traffic deriving keywords shortlisted after market research and competitor analysis. A structured website search presence through on page canonicalization of URL, Schema markup implementation, etc. in addition to off page initiatives like credible backlink building help us improve your search ranking.

Landing pages to generate quality business leads

We create impressive landing pages with optimized content, creative layout, supporting testimonials and clear Call To Actions that to convince visitors to make an online purchase, fill a form or download an app. This helps in effective lead generation both qualitatively and quantitatively thus resulting in a higher rate of conversion.

Brand & Performance Marketing

We create the right online persona for your brand and achieve specific marketing goals. We target niche based customers through a combination of both Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing techniques. Our Strategies include reducing the Cost Per Click on sponsored Ads and improvising the Click Through Rate by creating engaging content with catchy designs

Newsletter Marketing For Conversions

Effective newsletters are an opportunity to interact one on one with your customers at a time of their convenience. We draft newsletters that establish your company’s expertise in your market niche, inform new product launches, keep your brand name on top of your customer’s mind and introduce it to your potential future customers

Our B2B Clients

The Goal: Tangible Results Achieved By Digicrew

  • Newsletter open rate increased by 73%.
  • An increase of 130% Organic Traffic
  • 190% increase in overall website traffic and a 56% drop in bounce rate after site optimization.
  • A total increase of 236% in Keyword Driven Traffic.
  • 100% increase in leads generated through landing pages in the commitment period.

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